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About Tecnirolo

About Tecnirolo

Update Time:2017/1/18

In1993 created Tecnirolo Ltd, to start working in areas of 3D design with the 2000 Solution software and machining in 3D with WorkNC, was the first company to have CAD / CAM solutions for the industry , plastic and automotive industry .

In1994 we started working with CAMAX for 5-axis machining, and participated inseveral projects for the construction of complex parts for military aircraft.

In1996 developed the first system to control production for industrial machines,named Tecmonitor, and still is sold today under the name Factory Monitor.

In1999 took the course in high-speed machining in IGERSOLL (Germany), and beganto apply this technology in many factories today have more the 100 clients whobegan working with this technical collaboration.

In 2000 make a new project to a company Fornoceramica ( one of the largest manufacture of ovens for ceramic ) toimprove energy efficiency on ovens  gasburners , with a new tree way flame control (burn control ,atmosphere control ,and exhaust control ) this system save at lest 15% energy .In 2004 began developing the first draft for the application in the industry of molds forshoe soles, this project is to automate the entire process manufacturing,reducing costs by 50%, some processes are patented.

In 2005 develop the first high precision foundry for the shoe mold industry with apartnership with STOTEK in Denmark , this project reduce de costs up to 50%.

In 2006 start working on a project for rubber injection machine specially designedfor the industry of shoe soles,in 2008 start the production in China of therubber injection twin technology. In 2009 installation with success the first32 machines with new rubber twin injection rubber machines.

In 2011 develop a new concept to integration of the design and the mold productionto reduce the time bet win the idea and the final product , named  ID-Product

In 2012 Grendene  (bigger shoe mold factoryin Latin America apply the ID- Product concept 

In 2013 install with success the new generation of the the twin rubber injectionthat are 40 % faster than the old one

2013 start the new development of a 3 color multi assemble plastic injection for theplastic shoe industry , to be produce in china in 2014 , prototype will be ready in November.